A mask is not a way to hide, it’s a way to be more of yourself. For centuries masquerade balls in New Orleans have been a way for people to let go of their inhibitions and do what they want. The tradition continues at the Masquerade Lounge at Harrah’s Casino. Kings and queens preside over masquerade balls, and at Masquerade guests also can get the royal treatment. The giant open-air nightclub is in the middle of the palatial casino by the Mississippi River. As soon as you pull up in front of the neon-lighted fountain the valet will take care of you. Enter through the line of gleaming gold doors and follow the thumping music. The crowd gets warmed up early at Masquerade’s winding ice bar. The go-go dancers keep the vibe going well into the night, and real estate becomes limited on the dance floor when the party is in full swing.
Enter through gleaming gold doors and follow the thumping music

On any given night the club is host to professional athletes, movie stars brought to town by New Orleans’ “Hollywood South” status, and entertainers from the city’s multiple music venues. If you want to do it right, request a VIP section ahead of time. Get a great rate on a private section with premium bottle service so you don’t have to stand in line at the bar. This will include the cover charge and gratuity, so all you and your crew have to do is work the dance floor and see where the night takes you. Leave the gambling in the poker room and guarantee yourself a good time in your own slice of heaven at Masquerade.

We associate the word metropolitan with popular cities, and the Metropolitan nightclub is set up like a little city. Instead of just one type of music the two-story club is divided into top 40, rock, pop and hip hop on the first floor and house, techno, dubstep and breaks on the second floor. In the three rooms are 14 VIP sections for different sized parties, and just like all great cities the Metropolitan is constantly hosting special events. Artists from Snoop Dogg and the Roots to Chainsmokers and Kemistry have put on shows at the club. The combination of crystal chandeliers, strobing lightshows and smoke machines makes the atmosphere seem to react to the music, and the juxtaposition of old and new echo what makes the city of New Orleans so unique. Saturdays at the Metropolitan require dressing to impress, so after you check yourself, check the events page, and then check into VIP service to get the full experience. You don’t want to experience this metropolitan area like a commoner! 

What says VIP more than booking the penthouse? At the Penthouse Club guests receive VIP treatment and a completely different style of entertainment. Leave the dancing to the professionals and enjoy bottle service at the city’s premier gentleman’s club. Choose from different categories of liquor, or really make it a champagne room by ordering bottles of bubbly for you and your entourage. The entertainers at the Penthouse Club utilize every square inch of the tastefully appointed rooms that include discrete lighting, ornate columns and gold accents. Multiple stages surrounded by comfy executive chairs and well-stocked bars tended by attentive staff offer unobstructed views if you want to get a lay of the land. 

Get in on the action and explore another version of yourself 

If you want to take your VIP demands a little further and really get everything you want in one place, check out Bourbon Heat. Partiers flock to Bourbon Heat’s 3-for-1 deal every weekend for Sunday Funday, and by sundown the dance floor is smoking hot. The best bonus here is the food. Its Courtyard Grill restaurant offers casual fare for lunch, dinner and late-night munchies like cheesy nachos and juicy burgers. This low-key club has a classic New Orleans carriageway that leads to a stage and dance floor surrounded by two bars. Your VIP bottle service secures the best seats in the house, elevated and private to observe the packed dance floor where you can join in when the mood strikes. Brick walls, marble floors and chandeliers are a nod to antebellum finery, but there is no need to masquerade here. Once you have settled in, you will be right at home to eat, drink and dance like a local. 

Not unlike masked revelers on exclusive balconies overlooking partying parades of people, the VIP section of popular clubs are modern interpretations of what New Orleans is best known for. For a brief, shining moment guests can sit back and let a pampered world of first-class service come to them. Get in on the action and explore another version of yourself by taking advantage of the best services and treatment a true party town has to offer. You won’t regret it.

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01 Jun 2016

By Kandise Leigh Woods