New Orleans, LA

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Aunt Sally's Praline Shop
Aunt Sally's Praline Shop

Brought over from Paris, the Creole substitution of multiple pecans for the French single almond caused eighteenth-century historian Le Page de Pratz to praise this creation as the delicacy of New Orleans. Aunt Sally's cooks up among the widest range of pralines found anywhere--classic Creole, creamy, lite and many more. Gift baskets delight the people at home and help the memories of New Orleans last.

Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store
Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store

Costumes, masks, wigs, decorations, accessories, party supplies--Nikki's has it all for a fun and frightening Halloween any time of the year. What other city sees "a need for a Halloween store open year round"? Nicole and her staff researched such shops around the country to develop the best possible venue here, and did they succeed. Nikki's has to be seen to be believed.

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Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown

Grammy winning Kid Chocolate is widley known for his talent and being musically diverse and fluent in jazz, blues, soul and New Orleans R&B. Plays weekly at the Playhouse.

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